Yoga Bolsters

Yoga Bolsters, Types and Benefits

Yoga BolstersAs one of the greatest forms of exercise in the world, yoga not only heals the mind but the body as well. This way, it creates a healthy balance between your body and mind and ensures that you live a healthy life.

Since yoga is an ancient form of exercise an increasing number of people are resorting to it to enjoy the health benefits. However, in order to enjoy all these benefits, you need to use equipment such as yoga bolsters. But what are yoga bolsters? please Read More

Top 20 Yoga Bolsters

Yoga-Mad Cotton Buckwheat Rectangular Bolster11.    Yoga-Mad Cotton Buckwheat Rectangular Bolster

Suited for relaxation and mediation, Yoga-Mad Cotton Bolster is a 100% cotton fabric bolsters that comes with everything that you need in a bolster. It also provides you with larger surface area and shallower support for reclining and seated poses thus making it more comfortable than the rounded version.  Boasting of a carry bag, you can easily transport them from one place to another

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Leewadee Long Yoga Bolster12.    Leewadee Long Yoga Bolster Set of 2 Supportive Pilates Roll Cushion Neck Pillow

Leewadee Long Yoga Bolster is not only comfortable and stable but also breathable as well. Made of all-natural materials this bolster is suitable for your meditative hours. With its firm and comfortable paddings, it’s both supportive and comfortable as well.  Due to this, it makes the perfect gift item.

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Yoga Studio European Organic Buckwheat Bolster13.    Yoga Studio European Organic Buckwheat Bolster

Specially meant to give you stable support, Yoga Studio European Organic Buckwheat Bolster is great yoga bolsters that you can use for all your stretching exercises. To make it conform to your body shape this unique bolster is also filled with organic buckwheat hulls.  In addition, it has a functional design and made of 100% cotton fabric hence machine washable.

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Yoga Bolster Filled with Organic Buckwheat Hulls14.    Yoga Bolster Filled with Organic Buckwheat Hulls

As compared to other yoga bolsters, Yoga Bolster Filled with Organic Buckwheat Hulls features an inner case, carrying handle, and full zip case for easy cleaning. With its firm support, you can rest assured that it will mold your body into shape and will not break over time. It also comes in a range of colors hence you can choose the one that you like.

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Lotuscrafts Meditation Cushion LOTUS15.    Lotuscrafts Meditation Cushion LOTUS – Height 15/20 cm – Spelt Filling

Lotuscrafts Meditation Cushion LOTUS is a multi-purpose yoga cushion meant to be used in yoga rooms, therapy centers, and yoga studios. Since it can be adjusted to different sizes you can always find your best meditation height. Featuring a GOTS seal you can rest assured that it’s eco-friendly and safe to use. Plus, for cleaning you just need to remove the cover and machine wash it.

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Basaho Yoga Bolster | GOTS Organic Cotton16.    Basaho Yoga Bolster | GOTS Organic Cotton

If you are looking for bolster to give your body the perfect support then Basaho Yoga Bolster is the right choice. Carefully designed from the start to the finish, it’s fitted with a 100% organic cotton cover that you can remove and machine wash. For total relief that leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed you just need to place it under certain areas of your body.

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Yoga Studio Rectangular Bolster17.    Yoga Studio Rectangular Bolster

Yoga Studio Rectangular Bolster is a special bolster that you can use to slow down and open up your body well. Filed with Recron, it’s the type of bolsters that you need when you are looking for complete flexibility.  Also, it will provide you with extreme firmness, secure grip, and excellent support. This makes it suitable for spas, yoga studios, schools, and gyms.

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LUCKY-U Yoga Bolster18.    LUCKY-U Yoga Bolster, Strenching Yoga

Made of organic cotton, LUCKY-U Yoga Bolster has everything that you need for those stretches. It’s suitable for opening up your back, heart, and backward curves. It’s also lightweight and comfortable therefore easy to carry to your yoga lessons. If you want to boost your yoga practice then it’s the right tool.

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Yoga-Mad Cotton Buckwheat Rectangular Bolster19.    Yoga-Mad Cotton Buckwheat Rectangular Bolster

Yoga-Mad Cotton Buckwheat Rectangular Bolster is a rectangular bolster that will provide you with a larger surface area for seated poses, supine, and other yoga exercises. If you are looking for a deep stretch you can also use it for your spine. For easy cleaning, it comes with a zipped cover that you can always remove and machine wash

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