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If you are active yogi chances are you are faced with the frustration of lugging around your yoga mat wherever you are going. This is especially true for those who practice indoors but may need to go out to reach their yoga goals. Please Read More

Top 15 Yoga Mat Bag

YogaAddict Yoga Pilates Mat Bag11. YogaAddict Yoga Pilates Mat Bag

Easy to carry around and use, YogaAddict Mat Bag is a unique yoga mat bag that you just need to slide your gears and go for your next yoga practice.  Coming with an additional adjustable shoulder strap, this mat has a simple but functional design with several compartments for all your needs. Made of quality material, it’s also durable and convenient.

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Ewedoos Yoga Mat Bag12. Ewedoos Yoga Mat Bag

Regardless of the size of your mat, Ewedoos Yoga Mat Bag will fit it quite well. As an easy to use and gender-neutral bag you don’t have to hassle any more while carrying your yoga mat from one place to the next. It’s also fitted with two pocket designs that you can use to carry your water bottle, keys, wallet among other things.

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Fremous Yoga Mat Bag13. Fremous Yoga Mat Bag

Made of 100% high-quality canvas, Fremous Yoga Mat Bag is designed with smooth and sturdy full zippers thus making it easier to put your yoga mat plus all your other belongings. Featuring an adjustable strap and multifunctional pocket, this bag is perfect for the mat, towel, keys, and other essentials.

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Lotuscrafts Yoga Mat Bag MYSORE14. Lotuscrafts Yoga Mat Bag MYSORE

As a beautiful and practical yoga mat, Lotuscrafts Yoga Mat bag is one of the best yoga mat bags out there. Coming with enough space for your mat and other valuables it’s a bag that you can carry from one place to another. Made of premium craftsmanship this is a mat that you can expect to last long.

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KeenFlex Yoga Mat Bag15. KeenFlex Yoga Mat Bag

KeenFlex Yoga Mat Bag boasts general space for your mat and all accessories. With this yoga mat bag, you can take your yoga mat wherever you want. It also has a strong textile outer layer that’s both wear and water resistance. Since it has an adjustable shoulder strap you can carry it over your shoulder, in your hand or across your chest

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