How Often Should You Wash Your Yoga Pants

How Often Should You Wash Your Yoga Pants

A lot of people out there have had a variety of advice when it comes to washing their yoga pants. While people will tell you to wash them after every wear, others will say that you should not wash them often if you want to retain their colors.

Given that laundry is one of the hardest things to do when practicing yoga, how often should you wash your cotton yoga pants?

As compared to other workout routines yoga is quite different. While you perspire and sweat a lot you may not be dripping with sweat. So do you need to wash your yoga pants every day? But if you don’t practice yoga at all, do you still need to wash them?

Your Yoga PantsThe truth is any garnet that you wear should always be cleaned after every wearing. As tight-fitting garments, yoga pants may gather yeast pores and bacteria from your body.  Since this bacteria will stay on the clothing it will continue to multiply until the clothing is washed.

If you have sensitive skin, you are likely to suffer infections, rashes, and other skin irritations. There are also other bacteria that may lead to odor. Although the odor may not be detectable, if it continues to remain on the clothe your body will heat it up and it will be released into the environment. This is perhaps the reason why you need to wash your yoga pants

So even if you are not planning to wear your yoga pants again don’t keep them without washing. If you do this you’ll give the bacteria more chance to grow and multiply. Once you wash them take them out to dry and ensure that they are not damp.


Tips To Help You Wash Yoga Pants

  • Do not use hot water. If your yoga pants are made of synthetic materials such as spandex, olefin, and others ensure that you use cost water. You should also avoid using the dryer. Make sure you allow your cotton yoga pants for women and tight yoga pants for women to air dry.
  • Do not mix them with other clothes. Tight yoga pants for women should not be washed together with other clothes. Even when you washing them with other similar clothes ensure that you turn them inside out. to reduce the kind of friction that may affect the pouter surface.
  • Be as gentle as possible. Although it’s okay to wash your cotton yoga pants using a washing machine, ensure that you are as gentle as possible. You should not expose them to a lot of stretching and excess abrasion.
  • Do not use a lot of detergents. When it comes to synthetic materials you should not use a lot of detergents. Too much detergent is likely to leave your pants sticky and stiff. The excess detergent may also lead to skin irritation. If you are using detergents ensure that you choose a high-quality one

So make sure you wash your yoga pants right way. This will not only keep them clean and smelling fresh but also prevent you your contacting illness caused by bacterial.

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