How to Start Yoga as a Man

How to Start Yoga as a Man

Start Yoga as a ManIf you are a man it’s quite easy to find yoga practice intimidating. This is understandable since you are always looking for an exercise that will make you work hard and compete instead of calming down. With that in mind there are a number of yoga styles that men can do and achieve all the benefits. But before going into that here are the reasons why men should practice yoga

Reasons Why Men Do Yoga

Relieve stress. By employing several relaxation techniques and with regular practice yoga can make you calm and relieve your stress levels. If you want to live a peaceful life then you just need to get on the mat and start practicing.

Get flexile. Most yoga practices include poses that you can use to loosen your joints and become flexible. This can also improve your digestion and promote detoxification.

Build your muscles. Yoga will help you increase access to your muscles and allow you more substantial. This will, therefore, make your shoulders stable and your abs look ripped

Yoga prevents any workout injuries. By scanning and assessing yourself during practice yoga will help you reduce the incidences of any injury. Plus, well-stretched muscles will not only heal faster but also recover so you can become the best.

Calm your mind. Your practice can help calm your mind and give you the peace that you need.  Whether you want to breathe right or slow down practicing yoga is the only way to do this.

Key Beginner Yoga Poses for Men

Men Do YogaChild Pose

If you want to lengthen your spine and relief lower back pain then this is the right yoga pose for you.  first you need to kneel down and then place your forehead on the floor. Next you should walk your hands forward and then remain in this pose for at least 15 minutes.

High Lunge

The high lunge is a yoga pose that will help boost your flexibility and also fine-tune your balance and core strength. Plus it’s suitable for stretching the muscles of your toes and feet. Set up a sprinter like with your fingertips on the floor. While doing this make sure you draw your tummy in and out and breathe as deep as possible.

Crescent Pose

Although this is similar to high lunge it will help refine your strength and balance your body. By providing you with extra strength and stability you can really go deep with this yoga pose. You just need to set up the high lunge as above but with your arms high in the sky. You can then stay in that pose for 15 minutes.

Yogic Squat

This yogi pose will improve the flexibility of your legs and also rehabilitate your knees. While trying to get your heels flat on the ground your feet should be shoulder-distance apart. For variation you can drop your head, place your hands on the back of your skull, and tuck chin into your throat.

Yoga is generally a process and not a destination. Whether you are struggling at the beginning or not with practice you can perfect the poses and enjoy all the benefits. You just need to go into practice with an open heart and a clear mind.