Is Yoga Good for Men?

Is Yoga Good for Men?

While yoga has been created by men for men, most people believe it’s meant for women. It, therefore, takes a lot of courage for a man to get into a studio full of women to do yoga. What most men don’t know is the health benefits of yoga out way the initial fear by far.

As one of the best exercises, adding yoga to your normal practices can do you wonders. Here are the main reasons why men should do yoga

Yoga Benefits for Men

Yoga Good for MenYoga Can Help You Extend Your Range of Motion

Men have certain muscles that they target during their workout routines. These muscles include gluts, hamstrings, abdomen, and shoulders. Since normal workout routines only focus on certain muscles, yoga is the best way to build all the other muscles. Yoga uses resistance and natural body weight to lengthen muscles, build lean muscle mass, and improve the flow of blood in the body.

Yoga Can Make You Productive At Work

If you want to do a better job at work then you need to add some yoga to your normal routine. According to a recent study done by Disease Control and Prevention, yoga can significantly boost the well-being of an employee and get rid of work issues such as burn out. The kind of practice that you choose can boost your mental resilience and even help you deal with stress that may be brought about through work.

Yoga Can Improve Your Breathing

If you expose yourself to yoga you’ll become more used to breathing in and out through the nose while taking in those deeper breathes. This will also make your lower lung to distribute enough oxygen throughout the body. If you are starting yoga as a man, this is one of the main benefits that you’ll enjoy.

Start Yoga as a ManYoga can help You Lose Weight

If you’ve been working out so as to lose weight practicing yoga can be an easier option. As a practice of mindfulness, yoga can help improve your sleeping and eating habits and also make you assume a healthy lifestyle. These can go a long way in helping you to lose weight. Since it also massages your internal organs it’s very good for your guts.

Yoga Will Relieve You of Pain and Injury

If your body pain has refused to go away then yoga can significantly help you. As compared to intensive workout that could expose you to strenuous work, yoga often requires light and challenging workout. These poses are likely to lower the risk of getting an injury. By stretching the whole body, yoga will alleviate any pain that you may have on your joints.

Yoga Keeps You Challenged

Since most men like the outdoors, practicing yoga and seeing the progress that you’ve made will be enough to entice you to do more. The good thing about yoga is that you can do it anywhere. Whether you are staying at home or going for a hike you can still comfortably do yoga.

If you are looking for a longer active life then yoga is a great way to achieve that. Just start at any level and be serious with what you are doing.