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How to Get Started with Yoga at Home – Online Classes

Online Yoga ClassesThe every increasingly popular exercise and fitness routine, combing the breath, body and mind came to the west from the East and was quickly recognised for its incredible physical and mental benefits. Some of the great benefits can be read in this article.

With the majority of us living such busy hectic lives (including myself as a school teacher), once you’ve got through the piles of work, there is no time or energy to head out to a class. This is where it gets interesting….

What if you could get all the benefits of yoga, in your living room, right now? Yes, you read it correctly. Yoga flows in your pyjamas or your jeans!

Imagine reaping all the benefits of this amazing yoga flow, without having to set foot outside your house. Not only this, but doing yoga without having to see other people and spend lots of money. Read More

Here Are Great Online Yoga Providers

Project Yoga – Your Personalised Yoga Teacher

Created for everyone, this online yoga provider has been designed with you in mind. After a carefully curated questionnaire Project Yoga will give you your very personal yoga plan. The plan will be geared to provide you with the most positive health and mental benefits, all without leaving your home. Your yoga plan will be based on the goals you wish to achieve and you can follow the classes at your own pace from anywhere in the world. Project Yoga have an amazing customer service team, to support you with all your questions along the journey. You can have a go at their questionnaire here and start your journey today.

Yoga Burn – Helping To Get Lighter, Healthier and Happier

Hosted by the internationally renowned personal trainer, yoga instructor and transformation specialist, Zoe Bray-Cotton. Over 1 million people the world have  been transformed by her programs. Her Yoga Burn challenge is just one of her many 12-week programs which aim to get you feeling the best you’ve felt. She has created an amazing flow sequence which helps your progress from somebody who has never done yoga, to a master of many moves. All of her programs comes with a full money back guarantee which you can read about here.

Kris Fondran’s Shape Shifter Yoga

Kris used her many years of yoga teaching experience to develop this brilliant yoga program. Proving that you can become flexible and achieve your body goals without high impact exercise. Her online yoga classes are designed to be easy to do, but provide maximum results. Studying a Master’s degree in Exercise Science, she has been able to design a program which is right for yogis of all levels, with lots of help if you are new to postures or inflexible. All you need is your yoga mat, some comfortable clothes and some space. That’s it. You can read more about her story and program here.

BodyBack Yoga For Mums

This one is designed specifically for mums, by a mum. The program takes into account the busy lifestyle of a mother and makes their journey as easy as possible. There are no fixed classes or strict rules to follow, but the 3 month plan will help introduce healthy choices into your daily life and routine. The plan comes with meals plans, a support group and over 30 online videos to follow including yoga, pilates and post natal exercises. With 2 great membership options, you can read more about the program and what you’ll get here.

Yoga International – Home To The World’s Top Yoga Teachers

Yoga International is one of the market leaders when it comes to online yoga classes. Being able to stream classes on your device, it is easy to turn your living room into your new yoga studio. Yoga International provide options to watch yoga classes offline, for times when you may be restricted from internet access. With online yoga classes from beginners to advanced and a whole variety of online yoga courses, they have something to for every yogi!

Gaia – The Largest Online Yoga Library

Available globally and in 4 different languages, Gaia have over 8,000 yoga classes in their online library. With no commercials, available on every device and most major streaming services such as Chromecast, Amazon FireTV and Roku. More than just classes, Gaia have put in the work to ensure members become educated on yoga, inspired to practice and enlightened on their path to an awakening. As a member, you will get unlimited access to their classes, yoga teacher interviews and documentaries which are exclusively on Gaia.