What Size of Yoga Wheel Do I need

What Size of Yoga Wheel Do I need

Although they’ve existed for so many years yoga wheels have recently become so popular.  Seasoned yogis and brand new yoga practitioners are therefore seeking to learn more about the wheels.

As one of the newest products in the industry a yoga wheel will allow you to achieve deeper stretches and boost your flexibility.

It’s also an amazing tool for stretching, balance, and strength building. However, for you to enjoy using these wheels you need to choose the right size.

The Right Size That You Need To Buy

The size of the yoga wheel that you buy entirely depends on your practice, size, and personal needs. If you are a beginner you may want to start with a small wheel so you can make ease your postures while also getting the most from it.

With that in mind it’s not a must that you start with a small wheel. On the same note small wheels can still work well for seasoned practitioners.

Also small wheels are great for releasing tension and targeting certain muscles, something that even rollers do.

On the contrary larger wheels will help provide you with tons of support and sturdy counterbalance. They will also give you the space to go deeper into certain postures while also giving you the stability that you need.

While it’s hard to balance with one foot on the wheel a good yoga wheel will help strengthen your body in a number of ways.

Although the yoga wheels come in different sizes,  the normal one is 12-inches diameter.  But generally, there is the standard, small, and micro wheel sizes.

Standard 12 Inches Yoga Wheel

As the most commonly used wheel, this yoga wheel is suitable for those who are 5 feet tall. They can also support up to 500lbs

The Small 10-inch Yoga Wheel

These yoga wheels are 10 inches wide and are meant for those who are  5. 3 inches tall and flexible. The good thing with them is that they are eco friendly

Micro 6 Inch Yoga Wheels

These yoga wheels are 6 inches and are great for kids who are traveling.  They are not only portable but can also be used in place of foam rollers.

But unless you are short the best yoga wheel size for you is a 12-inch yoga wheel.

Are Yoga Wheels Safe

Many yoga wheels out there come with instructions and a complete guide to help you get started. Besides you can always explore Instagram to get to know about the different yoga poses and their variations.

The best thing is to know what you can and what you cannot do with the wheel. Since our bodies are different not every yoga pose is comfortable for everyone. While yoga can be the safest practice, just like any other workout if you are not keen you might end up with nasty injuries.

Make sure you ignore your egos and work at your own pace. This way you’ll definitely get the most from yoga wheels.