Which Yoga Wheel is The Best

Which Yoga Wheel is The Best

The yoga wheel refers to a circular shaped prop made to stretch the muscle tissue, release tension, and open up the front side of your body.  Given that’s it’s quite functional this wheel has increasingly become popular among yogis, celebrities, and other athletes.

How It Works

From pro yogis to runners, the yoga wheel is absolutely for everyone who is practicing yoga. But do yoga wheels work? Well for starters yoga wheel is considered as one of the most creative props out there. Since it’s very easy to use, it can help you lengthen the hard to reach areas, contours your body and even open up your shoulder like no wheel has ever done.

Benefits of Yoga Wheel

Are yoga wheels good? The answer is yes. Here are some of the benefits that you’ll enjoy by using yoga wheels

It helps with flexibility.  Just by placing your back on a yoga wheel, you’ll be able to stretch your entire front body and create space in your abdominal muscles and chest.

Prevents injury and provides support. By increasing spine mobility and imitating the curvature of your body a yoga wheel will help you do those beginner poses and make them more accessible.

Yoga wheel will help you with forearm balances and handstands. If you press a yoga wheel against the back of your head you’ll enjoy a helpful counterbalance and even support your postures.

It will add a challenge during meditation. A good yoga wheel can greatly transform your meditation and ensure that you do it better. You just need to lean against the wall and place the prop behind your shoulder blade.

It massages your body and releases back and neck pain. If used well a yoga wheel will help you relieve all the kinks and back by gently rolling your spine.

Types Of Yoga Wheels

The Whole Wood Yoga

This type of yoga wheel is made of 100% America hardwood. To protect the finish and seal the wood it’s painted with a green vanish or vibrant blue. These types of yoga wheels have a  width of around 6.75.

The Yoga Exercise Wheel

The yoga exercise wheel is mostly made of eco-friendly allow plastic and has a 1`2.5 inch diameter. As compared to other wheels its extra-grippy hence will provide you with enough support and traction. Since they are very strong they can hold up to 500 pounds.

The Mini Yoga Wheel

This yoga wheel is made up of eco-friendly PVC material. It has a 6-inch diameter and is strong enough to hold up to 500 pounds.

How the Size Of Yoga Wheel is Important

Yoga wheels generally come in different sizes. There are the standard, the mini, and the plus-sized. Since each size has a different function you need to choose one depending on what you want to achieve. For instance, mini size is meant for more targeted massage.

Also, the standard yoga wheels are for different body builds and plus-sized yoga wheels are for advanced yoga practitioners who are looking for deep stretches.

While a yoga wheel is a fantastic product,  you need to have experience with balance and yoga for you to use it. So whether you want to improve your stretches, boost your poses  or get those deep massages a yoga wheel is the best.